Leonard Has A Friend


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9th January 2014

Leonard Has A Friend

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Well, I say ‘friend’, perhaps ‘tolerated acquaintance’ might be nearer the mark. But considering they were bitter enemies a few weeks ago, I’d call that progress.

Having lived his entire life alone and fending for himself it was no surprise to find that Leonard didn’t like feline competition.

From day one at our new, temporary, address he had company. A pretty little black and white girl and a shiny black boy, both obviously well used to having the run of the yard and garden.

The little girl ran as soon as Leonard hissed at her, a big mistake, as she’s been running ever since, even if he just looks at her.

On the other hand the black boy, who is very friendly and eager for attention, stood his ground and there were many stand-offs and ‘imperceptible’ slow retreats on both sides.

I’m not quite sure how it changed, but one day I found myself stroking each of them at the same time, one with each hand. Since then there has been some mutual smelling (both ends) sorry, too much information, and now we can get through most days in relative harmony.

I don’t know if the black boy has a home as he seems to be around the yard from first thing, until late at night.

Fortunately there are lots of sheds and outbuildings to protect him from the worst of the weather, and I’m sure deep sawdust is quite comfy to snuggle down in. Not to mention the fact, I give him Leonard’s left-overs!!

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