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Fidy Says

11 Weeks

12th February 2017

It’s now 11 weeks since Poppy came into our lives and on the whole things are good as we’ve all slipped into a routine. In the beginning she panicked if she thought I was trying to shut her in, now she panics if she thinks I’m going to shut her out, which has to be a sign of progress.There are however one or two unresolved issues.

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10 Things

19th January 2017

Poppy’s not the first cat I’ve tried to bring in from the cold, (apologies to Deric Longden) 20+ years ago there was Jackson and more recently Leonard. I was successful both times with these boys and they each lived out their remaining years in love and comfort.

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Poppy’s Story

7th January 2017

So there we were 3 days before Xmas trying to decide on a name for our new friend when the phone rang. The lady said she was calling in response to my advert in the Post Office about a lost black cat. She said it sounded like her mum’s cat, Poppy.

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A New Year, A New Beginning?

1st January 2017

It was Sunday November 27th, just over 3 weeks since we had lost Leonard and we were still suffering. Neither Peter nor I were ready to take on another cat so soon after his passing, indeed we had even discussed, albeit briefly, the notion of never having a cat again given our grief and proximity to a busy road.

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In Memory Of Leonard

10th November 2016

It’s now a week since Leonard passed away and we’re still trying to come to terms with losing him. Here I take a look back on Leonard’s life.

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R.I.P. Leonard (?? – 2016)

5th November 2016

It is with great sadness I have to announce that Leonard, my ‘left-hand man’ passed away on Thursday November 3rd.

Life at ‘Grassy Bottom’ will never be the same.

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Leonard Loves His Xmas Present

26th December 2015


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Cat Logic

1st November 2015


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Leonard Loves Gardening!

19th August 2015

He’s very pleased with his sunflower seedlings.


Here he is looking proud with his cotoneaster seedlings.


But mostly he just likes to watch the plants grow from a safe distance!


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On The Look Out

31st May 2015


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