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8th October 2013

New Surroundings

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Having successfully settled Leonard into his new home, the next stage was to introduce him to the outdoors. The principal is much the same, except now the place he feels safe is the new house, not a room within it.

Unlike indoors, outdoors has additional problems. Other people, other cats and roads. In our case the only road turned out to be a lot busier than expected.

Turn left out of the cottage door, gardens and woodland as far as the eye can see, turn right and the road is about 50 feet away. Guess which way Leonard preferred to turn?!

As a result I daren’t let him out un-accompanied. Fortunately the weather has been dry and quite mild, so not too much of a hardship.

He seemed quite happy to potter about with me as chaperone and I was pleased and relieved that he didn’t seem inclined to wander off.

Then after about 3 weeks we were having his last outing of the day, around 8pm, when he decided to jump up a wall and disappear into next doors garden. I couldn’t have seen where he was even if it had been daylight, so all I could do was call his name softly over the wall in the hope he would find his way back, which luckily he did.

A couple of days later he decided to explore another garden. This time in broad daylight which quite frankly wasn’t much better, because I could see exactly where he was, and the sound of a rustling ‘Dreamies’ packet will only carry so far!

Anyway, after what seemed like an age he came back into sight and returned home safely. I hope he’s got that out of his system now.

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