Leonard’s Story


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25th November 2012

Leonard’s Story

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It’s always a risk taking in a fully grown stray cat, there is a variety of possible pitfalls, but we did it once before with Jackson so we felt confident we could do it again with Leonard.

I don’t know how long Leonard has been around, back in May 2009 I wrote I had been feeding him for several months, but in the beginning he certainly wasn’t making things easy.

For a start he only came after dark, so many days would pass without seeing him at all, though the food was disappearing.

Then if I did see him through the window, but more to the point if he saw me, he would run off and only return when I had gone. Eventually we got to the stage of at least being able to look at each other, but progress was painfully slow.

Then a couple of weeks ago I wrote how Leonard appeared to have had a ‘road to Damascus‘ moment. Since then things have moved on a pace.

He sits on our knees, sleeps under the radiator or on the old settle in the hall. He enjoys our company immensely and follows me everywhere.

His appetite is enormous, and now he’s getting 15 square meals a day, he’s turning into a handsome and very big cat.

He has a gentle nature and good manners. This leads us to believe that, like Jackson before him, he once had a home. I’ve read many times that the first few weeks of a cat’s life are the most important and formative. Leonard’s behaviour would tend to bear that out as he has obviouly remembered the lessons he learnt as a kitten.

He has the good manners and understanding of a well trained house cat, yet I know he has been living rough for at least 3 years.

He spends hours washing himself and his long, shaggy, discoloured coat is gradually being transformed into a soft, silky, brilliant white jacket (with black splodges).

We did wonder how he would react to medical treatment, but having given him worm tablets and put drops in his ears, I would say he is the most amenable cat I have ever owned.

I hope I’m not speaking too soon (remember Hibbert?!) when I say that Leonard is becoming a bit if a star and is already an important part of our lives.

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