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26th January 2011

New Kid On The Block

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It’s a good while since I last had a cat story to tell. That all changed quite un-expectedly, just over a week ago.

I put cat food out each night, even though we don’t have a cat anymore, because I know there are 2 stray cats who call from time to time, and even if they don’t come the hedgehog usually does (except in winter).

The stray cats in question are very timid, and only ever come after dark. Even after months of visiting they still run a mile if they see me.

Then about 10 days ago I flicked on the outside light to see if anyone had been, and to my surprise a completely new stray cat was tucking into the cat biscuits. A cat I had never seen before.

Unlike the others who always jump and run if I put the light on, this one just kept tucking away. I settled myself down in a comfortable position to watch, it was still oblivious to my presence.

When it finally did look up, it ran away in alarm. “Here we go again.” I thought, but within seconds it was back at the bowl, plainly it’s hunger outweighed it’s fear.

I didn’t intend for this first meeting to go any further, and as it finished eating I just put my index finger up to the glass. To my surprise, instead of running away it came forward to sniff my finger and when it found it couldn’t, just rubbed it’s head along the glass.

Well, I didn’t need asking twice. Quick as a flash I got my box of biscuits, unlocked the door and gingerly went outside. To say the cat was pleased to see me would be the understatement of the year. It was all over me, seeking attention, and needless to say more biscuits. I was happy to oblige.

He is white with lots of grey tabby bits and I would guess about 2-3 years old. He is very affectionate, but also has a feisty side to his character.

He has been most days since, and now comes into the kitchen for a warm and a wash, sometimes even a snooze, before he goes out again.

Peter says he must have a home. I say he certainly has had a home, but where, and why has he just turned up now out of the blue?

Watch this space.

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