A Few Days Away


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20th November 2009

A Few Days Away

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I had to go away for a few days last week. My mum passed away and I had to go to Scotland for the funeral.

I left Peter in charge of Dulcie, or perhaps I left Dulcie in charge of Peter. I’m not quite sure which!

Anyway,  on my return they had got along just fine without me. Dulcie seemed perky and happy and was eating well.

Do you think cats miss people? I like to think they do and that Dulcie missed me for those 3 days.

When her brother, Linus, was alive she adored him, and they slept together in the same basket every night.

Since  he died she has never returned to that basket, and now uses the one downstairs.

I think she misses him, and I also think if he walked in the room now, even after all these years,  she’d remember him.

I don’t know if that makes me sound a bit  sad, but to be honest I don’t care. It’s what I believe and that belief makes me happy.

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