The Intruder


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9th May 2009

The Intruder

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I’ve been feeding a stray cat for several months now. I know little about it except that it’s mostly white, usually comes after dark and is very timid.

Because of it’s nocturnal behaviour Dulcie has never seen it, but all that changed a couple of nights ago. Perhaps she was out late, or perhaps the stray came early, either way their paths crossed.

I first became aware of this when I looked out of the window to see the two of them sat facing each other, about 6 feet apart, in that kind of tucked in sitting position that makes them look like a hen sitting on a nest.

At first they seemed to be staring each other out, but gradually each began to move their head and perhaps look away for a few seconds, presumably to see if this prompted any reaction in the other. But it didn’t.

After what seemed an age the stray finally had enough, and began to do what we have named over our years of cat watching, ‘inperceptibles’. You know what I mean, moving whilst trying to appear not to move. It’s a very ‘cat’ thing.

Gradually this strategy got the stray to a position where it felt it could move freely, without fear of attack, and off it went. Dulcie, meanwhile, sat her ground. She might be a pensioner with a bad leg, but she wasn’t having any truck with this incomer and there was no way this interloping upstart was going to get the better of her.

When she eventually came in her tail was bushed out to 3 times it’s normal size, a sure sign that she’s excited. Well done Dulcie, still repelling boarders at her age.

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