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17th March 2009


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Yesterday we were sitting in the garden, well Peter was sitting, I was planting some potatoes, when we noticed a cat in the next field behaving rather strangely.

It wasn’t walking, running or hunting, it was just wandering randomly and aimlessly through the long grass.

As it drew closer we called to it and eventually it made it’s way into our garden. It was a white/grey Persian with only one eye.

It’s random wanderings continued and as we watched it we began to suspect that the sight in it’s good eye might be poor. We also wondered if it might have been hit with a car as it seemed unsteady on it’s legs.

Whatever the reason, it was disorientated and scared.

After some more coaxing we managed to get it into the garden at the front of the house, and gave it some food. The question was, what to do next.

Dulcie had made her feelings for it very plain, so bringing into the house was not an option, leaving it alone outside wouldn’t have been right either, as by now we were pretty convinced it was blind, so what with the nearby road, and the other stray who visits each night, I didn’t hold out much hope of it seeing morning.

So after tea, leaving the cat with a saucer of food in the garden, I went to see my neighbour. She’s into anything with 4 legs, so if it did have a home roundabout, she would know.

Sadly, she didn’t, but did suggest I try the bungalow next to the pub on my way home.

The lady there, who I don’t know said she did have 2 Persians, but that they were both ‘indoor’ cats. However, when she went to check on them it would seem that Precious must have sneaked out and was now AWOL.

We hurried back to our garden, where thankfully Precious was exactly where I’d left her some 10 minutes earlier.

It turns out she was born with only one eye, and the sight in her good eye has deteriorated and she is now virtually blind. As an indoor cat this isn’t too much of a problem, but she must have found the outside world very scary indeed.

Precious and her mum were reunited, so this is one story with a happy ending.

There’s a nice post script to this story.  Precious’s mum called round at lunchtime today with a card and a box of chocolates.

The card read “Thanks for taking very good care of me. Lots of love, Precious”

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