Jaguar facts.


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24th September 2007

Jaguar facts.

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 The only “big” cat found in the Americas, the Jaguar looks like the Leopard, but its coat is patterned with dark-centered rosettes, and it is more squat and powerfully built, with a large, broad head, and heavily muscled quarters. Along the midline of its back is a row of elongated spots that may merge to form a solid line.

Melanistic individuals is common; the spots of such animals may still be seen in bright light. Living in watery habitats-permanent swamps and seasonally flooded forest – the Jaguar is an excellent swimmer, even feeding on aquatic prey such as crocodilians. However, it hunts mostly on the ground, stalking or ambushing its prey and dragging it away to a sheltered spot to eat.
Solitary and territorial, the Jaguar marks it range with urine and tree scrapes, communicating with others of its kind through a variety of sounds, including roars, grunts, and mews.
Despite legal protection and reduced hunting for fur, the Jaguar is increasingly at risk from habitat loss and persecution as a predator, especially on cattle ranches.

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