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11th December 2012

More About Leonard

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Well, it’s a few weeks now since Leonard came into our lives, and in that time we’ve been getting to know each other properly. Here are a few Leonard facts.

He doesn’t mind having his feet touched. This is good news for me because I quite enjoy holding one of his front paws when we are watching TV together.

He hates having his tummy rubbed, but there again most of the cats I’ve ever known didn’t like it. The first, and only, time I tried my arm was gripped by 4 strong, furry limbs and a mouthful of teeth.

He has good manners and learns quickly. He also allows himself to be held firmly to be given medicine.

When you open a door to allow him in or out of a room he will do one of 3 things:
Stop dead immediately he’s gone through, so you fall over him.
Stop dead half way through the door, so you fall over him and can’t close the door.
Leave his large tail in the way of shutting the door, which led to a few accidents in the early days, but fortunately he has a very forgiving nature.

Finally, I think he thinks he’s a dog. He follows me everywhere! I thought that might stop once he knew that he would be fed regularly, but not a bit of it. No matter how full or comfortable he is, if I get up, he gets up too.

Recently we had a new washing machine delivered. This involved a lot of clearing and sorting out to facilitate delivery. Obviously this included lots of trailing up and down I dare say pointlessly in a cats eyes, but Leonard walked with me every step of the way.

How cool is that! I’ll take some better pictures of him when Spring comes.

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