Leonard’s First Xmas


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30th December 2012

Leonard’s First Xmas

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Well, I say his ‘first’ Xmas, it’s probably his 5th or 6th, but it’s his first one with us.

It didn’t go as well as it could have. Don’t get me wrong, he had lots of food and affection, but also a few mishaps.

One day for example, he suddenly went off his food. He was obviously hungry, but wouldn’t eat, not even his favourite treat would tempt him. I’d been here before and suddenly those fears, which had been absent for so long, returned.

In the evening he was sat on my knee when he started to show ‘pre-puke’ signs. They really are unmistakable. I was able to bundle him outside just in time for him to throw up outside the back door. Sweet! After that he was fine, appetite back to normal.

He still goes out at night, usually his choice at around 10pm. We do roughly a 14/10  split, 14 hours indoors and 10 hours outdoors. Not ideal, but a huge improvement on what he’s been used to.

He’s always waiting for me in the morning, but one day he just didn’t seem quite ‘right’ somehow. His white and pink nose was brown and green with a scratch up the centre. I couldn’t decide if it was a new scratch or an existing scar that had been ‘grouted’.

He spent all day asleep on the sofa. That’s not entirely unusual, but normally his slumber is punctuated with frequent trips to the kitchen, or following me about the house and going to sleep on my feet. Not very convenient when you’re trying to wash-up.

When he did finally stir he was limping with his front left paw. I left the boiler house open for him that night just in case he needed somewhere to hide.

In the morning he had new scratches on his ears and looked for all the world like he’d spent the night sat in a deep muddy puddle that had dried on to his lovely white fur. On the plus side, he had stopped limping.

Apart from the scratches he’s fine, and has managed to get his coat back to the brilliant white we’ve become use to.

I hope 2013 will be good to Leonard and all animals in the world. In particular I hope that that other waifs and strays can find a loving home like he has.

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