Slow Progress


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31st July 2012

Slow Progress

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It’s a while now since I had a story to tell, so here’s a short, yet positive tale from last evening.

We’ve lived here now for 14 years, our own cats have sadly gone, and apart from an all too brief brush with Hibbert, my recent feline contact has been almost non-existent.

Apart, that is, from a stray cat who has been coming on and off for years, who we recently decided to call Leonard.

Leonard is big and white and hairy, and very timid. It took many months for him not to run away as soon as I opened the door. Even though he knew I had food.

However, over the last few months there has been a noticeable improvement and he even comes to eat his supper now while I’m still outside. (At a safe distance of course.)

So last night I decided to bring out the ultimate weapon in befriending a cat, ‘Dreamies’ cat treats. I have no idea what they put in these things, but cats LOVE them, and Leonard was no exception.

Once he’d got the taste for them he was taking them from my fingers and allowing me to stroke him. Admittedly this was more a means to an end on his part, but in my book it’s progress, very slow progress, but progress non the less.

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