Dulcie and the Sunbeam.


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19th April 2008

Dulcie and the Sunbeam.

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We all like to catch a few rays when the sun is shining, and Dulcie is no exception. But as well as loving to sunbathe, Dulcie also loves a sunbeam.

You know, that spot of sunlight reflected  on to the floor or wall from a shiny surface, that flickers and moves round the room as if by magic. A mirror makes a good sunbeam but I use a stainless steel knife, which is why Dulcie thinks sunbeams are kept in the cutlery drawer.

She even seems to know that they’re only available on sunny days, and sits staring expectantly at the drawer until one appears. Then, despite her bad leg, she chases it around the kitchen floor, her toes splayed to ensure maximum effect .

At night or during winter, artificial sunbeams can be made with a torch, but they’re never as good as the real thing.

Linus was very partial to sunbeams too. He would run the length of the kitchen trying to nail them, yet strangely the other two cats, Grover and Creamer,  were oblivious to them.

I wonder why that should be? 

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