What does cat love mean?


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26th November 2007

What does cat love mean?

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Maybe it’s the way she follows your each and every step through the house?

Or maybe the way she jumps on your shoulders to give you a kiss on your hair?

Or those moments when she decides you need to be washed… and she’s doing you this favour with her tiny, rough, pink tongue?

That small forehead pushing against your feet… those little paws resting on your cheek… the toys she brings you over and over for hours… those eyes sending you a thousand kisses… that’s what the love of a cat is made of.

How about the humans’ love for cats?

Maybe it’s enduring all the scratches you get from your cat showing you love, without whining.

If only we could forgive our human friends how we forgive our four-legged fellows, the world would definitely be a better place!

Love me like you love your cat!

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